Industrial Transportation Consultants, Inc.
6140 Central Church
Douglasville, GA 30135
Phone: 770-942-1734
Fax: 770-942-8347

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All About Industrial Transportation Consultants, Inc.

ITC was founded in 1981 by Ron Hall, who is currently the president of our company. Over the past 30+ years a lot has changed in the freight industry. Overtime we have had to meet these new challenges as each in turn has come to pass. Using our past experiences we have developed a system for freight analysis and bill processing that has withstood the test of time.

Within the last few years we have transitioned from a Novell based environment to full Microsoft database compatibility. Using today's tools we have streamlined the process Mr. Hall engineered 30+ years ago. Currently we offer services based off of these developments, and as we go into the future we intend to continue expanding our customer base as well as continuing the growth of our value to them

Are We a Broker?

The answer to this question in a word is, No.

A broker, or Freight Broker, typically fills the roll of go between in relations involving carriers and their customers.  A Broker typically receives payment from different carriers vying to be recommended as the carrier of choice. A Broker will contract directly with a carrier to deliver your freight and then mark up the freight charges to your company.

We serve our customers.  Our company has a long standing tradition of working exclusively for our customer base.  We do not accept payment from carriers wishing to be listed as viable options.  We select carriers solely on performance, cost, and claim liability.  When we recommend a carrier it is because they are preferred, not because they currently pay us for name dropping