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Claims Processing

Freight claims will happen. No matter the carrier and no matter the type of freight you will always experience some level of damage and loss. This is the risk of moving your product. Contracted freight rates allow you as a shipper the ability to establish up front and in writing the rules governing your freight claims.

Our claims department utilizes contracted freight rates and claims liability rules tariffs to ensure that all claims are handled in the predetermined agreed upon fashion. This removes the "change without notice" clause that carriers typically apply to their private rules tariffs. Guaranteeing that you know and understand what the carrier is liable for in the event of loss or damaged freight.


What We Can Do

Our team of claims specialists are educated on the ins and outs of freight liability laws. Our claims services guarantee that you will not waste time on frivolous claims, but at the same time will not allow a carrier to indefinatly delay the payment process. We will custom tailor claims forms according to your business type and need. File the form with us, and we will take it to the carrier. If you are interested in the freight claims processing services we provide, email Mike Kacos,