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Freight Classification

The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) is a standard for identifying freight throughout the industry. As an online member of this organization we have access to a wealth of information and tools that we utilize to classify freight. Without proper classification you are leaving it in the hands of the carrier to determine what rates your freight will move at, and this is often times the most profitable rate for them.

We have found that with accurate classifications you can reduce and control your freight expense to a greater degree. Accurately classifying your freight allows you as a shipper to identify that the proper rates have been applied. These descriptions, when placed correctly on a Bill of Lading can take the guess work out of what rates a carrier will charge.

Bill of Lading (BOL)

Freight Classifications alone are just part of the solution. Having a concise easy to read BOL is highly important to any distributor. Never use the carriers BOL, establish your own. With clear indicators for marking shipments prepaid or collect, item listings and no clauses that negate the carriers liability for loss or damage (as is often found on their own BOL's). Most Online BOL's are designed by the carriers with their best interests inline. ITC can identify your BOL needs and design a custom, legal, BOL that enforces YOUR contracts and YOUR best interests