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Service Information

The Transportation Industry is a constantly changing animal. We offer a wide variety of comprehensive tailored services to any corporation seeking to minimize their freight expense.

Please feel free to browse our website and see if any of the services listed fit your needs and business goals.

We understand that embarking on any new business endeavor is risky. ITC itself is a family owned and operated company.

We have designed our programs to involve as little cost risk as possible to you, our customer. Using contingency based methods of analyzing your freight we can determine, prior to any lengthy commitment or costly investment, if our services are right for you.

Did you know?

The least amount of freight cost reduction evident when comparing non-audited freight to audited freight is roughly 30%. This means if your freight isn't audited you are looking at 30% of your total freight cost being excess, and unnecessary.


Did you know?

Most business have no idea what carriers their warehouses are using?  This results in often astronomical rates being used for shipments that could be processed via a much cheaper and more efficient carrier


Interested in doing business with ITC?

Our website is not a replacement for human contact. Please, if you have any questions regarding the services we offer or wish to inquire about a contingency based post-audit to gauge the possible savings available to you through these services contact any of the below...

Bryan Kacos,

Mike Kacos,

Ron Hall,

Our office number is 770-942-1734.

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Did you know?

Unwarranted refusal of claim payment has cost shippers millions of dollars nation-wide this year alone.


Did you know?

Carriers tend to classify poorly described freight in general instances by the highest possible class that type of freight can have.  This results in a rate per 100lbs that can exceed 200% of the actual class cost.