Industrial Transportation Consultants, Inc.
6140 Central Church
Douglasville, GA 30135
Phone: 770-942-1734
Fax: 770-942-8347

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Web Access Information

Online web access is available to registered ITC customers only. If you are interested in registering please contact our support department or fill out the registration form accessible via the Web Options menu.

We provide an extensive array of methods for customers to review their frieght bills, verify payment, and track progress for their claims. Please be sure to check our system requirements to ensure you are able to take advantage of this comprehensive tool.

System Requirements

Internet Explorer 11.0 or Higher
A Broadband connection of 1.5mbps or greater is recommended


The services offered by our online system are for CUSTOMERS ONLY. For instructions regarding open invoices, audit adjustments, or claims filed on behalf of our customers; send an email to Bryan Kacos or call us at 770-942-1734. We have processes in place to readily, quickly, and efficiently handle all of your open invoices inquires.