About Us

Our company, located in the suburbs of Atlanta and founded in 1981, embodies a collective of seasoned freight experts and proficient IT engineers. Our core mission revolves around ensuring equitable and accurate billing processes, while expediting swift and precise freight bill payments. We forge controlled rates and contracts, safeguarding our valued clientele against the surges in freight expenditures. Moreover, we specialize in offering meticulous auditing solutions catering to businesses of all scales. At the heart of our ethos lies an unwavering commitment to prioritizing our customers' needs, with their best interests consistently at the forefront.
Our approach to achieving these objectives is centered on the expertise of ITC, a collaborative ensemble of freight industry specialists and devoted professionals. By eschewing the conflicts of interest inherent in brokerage services, we channel our undivided attention towards the welfare of our esteemed patrons. Fueled by cutting-edge technology and exhaustive data analysis, we adeptly identify and recoup lost financial resources. Years of persistent dedication have solidified our unwavering focus on these pivotal tasks. This dedication empowers us to deliver tailored services, enabling you, our valued customer, to curtail and sustainably manage your freight expenditures, while ensuring the seamless transportation of your cargo to its intended destination.

Bryan Kacos
  • CEO
  • Guiding our company with a wealth of two decades in the industry, our CEO combines an extensive logistics background with tech-savvy finesse. Notably, he engages directly with customer decision-makers, offering insightful consultations that drive strategic excellence.
Michael Kacos
  • VP of Operations
  • Our VP of Operations boasts an impressive 20-year journey encompassing both logistics and information technology landscapes. Skillfully helming our IT and software engineering departments, they infuse operational brilliance with technological acumen, fostering innovation at every turn..
Toni Johnson
  • Office Manager / HR Coordinator
  • Integral to our team for 8 years strong, our dedicated Office Manager orchestrates seamless office administration while adeptly navigating employee relations and HR coordination. Her invaluable contributions form the bedrock of our operational excellence.