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Freight Bill Auditing

Inaccurate billing is common throughout the freight industry. Salesperson or National Rep offering you price drops? Contract is being updated? On average it takes a carriers pricing department 15 to 30 days to catch up with the changes that a salesperson proposes to you. What does this mean? Well that price break from the 1st of the month does not begin proper application till the 15th. This is a loss to your bottom line.

Here at ITC we utilize freight contracts and carrier tariffs to audit freight bills in a manner that enforces a carriers own pricing. Using an in-house developed process and SQL based application we are able to rate each bill as if we were billing them ourselves. Bills that show as an exception are then reviewed by an audit specialist and adjusted accordingly.

The goal of this process is to protect you as a shipper from carrier mistakes. These services typically are established on a per bill rate, and we have NEVER had a customer that did not get more return than investment on an audit.

ITC offers both post-audit and pre-audit services.

Absolutely! We return $3.00 to $5.00 per bill on average with every customer we provide audit services for.

We only authorize the amount you owe, short paying erroneous bills. ITC also provides a robust account payables service that deals with any disputes that may arise from our audit process.

Yes, our audit process serves as the main collection point for your freight data which feeds into our consulting and traffic management services.