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Integrate our traffic management system directly into your business processes.

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Unmatched customer service by a fully trained staff of support and account representatives.

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Detailed reporting and account representatives to help you understand the reports and how they can save your company money.

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Parternering with ITC means establishing a relationship that not only grows with you, but helps you grow.

Our Services

Freight Rate Negotiations

Negotiating of freight contracts is an involved and tedious practice. We negotiate and maintain freight contracts for all of our clients. The shipping industry is full of legal wording and documents that are designed by the carriers and for the carriers, with little to no protection in place for the shipper of goods.

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Freight Bill Auditing

Inaccurate billing is common throughout the freight industry. Salesperson or National Rep offering you price drops? Contract is being updated? On average it takes a carriers pricing department 15 to 30 days to catch up with the changes that a salesperson proposes to you. What does this mean? Well that price break from the 1st of the month does not begin proper application till the 15th. This is a loss to your bottom line.

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Loss/Damage Claims

Freight claims will happen. No matter the carrier and no matter the type of freight you will always experience some level of damage and loss. This is the risk of moving your product. Contracted freight rates allow you as a shipper the ability to establish up front and in writing the rules governing your freight claims.

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Freight Classification

The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) is a standard for identifying freight throughout the industry. As an online member of this organization we have access to a wealth of information and tools that we utilize to classify freight. Without proper classification you are leaving it in the hands of the carrier to determine what rates your freight will move at, and this is often times the most profitable rate for them.

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Traffic Management

Freight Classifications alone are just part of the solution. Having a concise easy to read BOL is highly important to any distributor. Never use the carriers BOL, establish your own. With clear indicators for marking shipments prepaid or collect, item listings and no clauses that negate the carriers liability for loss or damage (as is often found on their own BOL's). Most Online BOL's are designed by the carriers with their best interests inline. ITC can identify your BOL needs and design a custom, legal, BOL that enforces YOUR contracts and YOUR best interests

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Rating and Routing

Find the best rates for your freight using our custom design portal. Easily rate your freight based on your provided weights and classes, and zip codes so you can ship with confidence knowing that the carrier you selected has the best rate for the shipment.

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About Us

Industry Expertise To Move Your Product At The Right Rate

ITC is a collection of freight experts and dedicated staff whose sole purpose is to serve our customer base. Removing the conflict of interest that often occurs with brokering services we are able to focus all of our efforts on our customers well being. Through the use of modern technology and comprehensive data analysis we are able to locate and capture lost dollars. We have worked very hard over the past several years to ensure we remain dedicated and focused on these tasks. This gives you, as a customer, the specialized service you need to reduce and maintain the reduction of your freight expenses and get your freight where it needs to be.


BOLs Created

$ 760,000,000

Freight Spend


Freight Bills Audited

$ 31,000,000

Audit Savings

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  • - Ensure fair and correct billing as well as promote fast and accurate freight bill payments.
  • - Establish controlled rates and contracts to protect our customers from rising freight costs.
  • - Provide accurate auditing solutions for small to large companies.
  • - Put our customers first, your best interests are our primary concern.

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