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Freight Rate Negotiations

Negotiating of freight contracts is an involved and tedious practice. We negotiate and maintain freight contracts for all of our clients. The shipping industry is full of legal wording and documents that are designed by the carriers and for the carriers, with little to no protection in place for the shipper of goods.

>Our primary goal in freight negotiations is to create an environment where the payer of the freight is protected from de-regulated carrier pricing. We establish a concrete in stone contract that outlines all possible accessorial charges while enforcing rates satisfactory to the shipper.

On average the rates currently available to our customers are 40 - 50% less than current "street rates." We maintain regulated fuel surcharges as well as the aforementioned focus on accessorial charge regulation. We identify freight liability for claims up front with a "you break it you buy it" policy that ensures your carriers will either deliver your freight in good condition or pay the full retail value.

We are able to gain these exceptional rates and pricing agreements through the support and combined freight value of our entire customer base. Carriers who sign with us become an elite group that is preferred over all other carriers in their region.

a. No, ITC is not a broker. We negotiate pricing on our customer's behalf. All of the rates are yours, and as a result, you get to experience asset-based pricing that can give you a competitive edge.

We specialize in freight contracts between shippers and Truck Load carriers, Less than Truckload carriers, and Freight brokers.

a. Throughout ITC’s 42-year tenure, we have built relationships with shippers and carriers. Leveraging our combined spend we can secure competitive rates for companies that otherwise would not have the clout to negotiate at our price points. This helps break through the wall on freight cost giving smaller companies an equal footing in a market where the price one person pays is not necessarily the price you will pay.