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Traffic Management

Our advanced Transportation Management System (TMS) platform has evolved over years of refinement. Seamlessly integrating into your workflow, this web-based solution works in harmony with our skilled freight classification team. Together, we ensure your shipments are impeccably categorized, accompanied by industry-standard Bill of Lading (BOL) documentation. This collaboration ensures a streamlined, hassle-free shipping process, with a focus on accurate classifications.

Absolutely. We have helped many customers in making the onboarding process stress free. Our software engineers will work directly with your IT department and meet you more than half way in getting our systems working together.

We usually recommend a six month onboard period to make sure we iron out any issues before going live, but this all depends on the requirements and resources of the project. We have onboarded considerably faster in the past where our systems needed less adaptation to support the requirements of the customer.

Designing flexibile systems that support real time customization is a engineering philosophy of ITC. We pride ourselves in being able to adapt to your needs as they evolve. While much of our systems features are table driven, during the onboard process we will work directly with you to identify any other needs which may fluctuate throughout our service relationship.

Your IT department will have direct access to the senior development team over the TMS platform at all times. We monitor the system health on the back end where we can see the acitivities of all our users, and see problems as soon as they occur. We work to build direct relationships with your IT team so they always have immediate support when they need it. Your end users will have access to support email which is monitored by our support staff to ensure your users get the help they need as quickly as possible.